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Dental Clinic

Charitable Dental Clinic of Gorgan

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Operation license of charitable dental clinic of the women charity association of Gorgan

Operation license of charitable dental clinic of the women charity association of Gorgan


Dr. Hashem Qasempour, a physician from Gorgan, resident of Austria (founder of the charitable dental clinic)

Record-holder of the fountain of altruism


Charitable dental clinic

Dental clinic at university level was established and inaugurated by means of 5 units and a radiography system by Dr. Hashempour's support from Gorgan, resident of Austria, in November 2005 which became 10 years old. Ten years ago, the clinic started its job with 8 people and now it has 45 volunteers. This institute is absolutely inependent and non-profitable which has continued its activities vigorously so far. This clinic with 4 charitable dentists and some volunteer dentists, radiologists and financial supporters presents free dental services to some people under the support of all charity institutions all over the province, poor students, centers for looking after orphans, disabled children and those who suffer from sensory and physical retardations, vulnerable ethnic groups and foreign immigrants in Golestan province. Medical and dental equipments and first necessary materials with the best qualities and high standards are purchased and controlled under the supervision of Dr. Abbas-Ali Mahvidizadeh, the technical manager of the charitable clinic.

The dental volunteer supporters from past up to the present

1. Dr. Mahvidizadeh, 2. Dr. Mehrdokht Sabouri, 3. Dr. Sebti, 4. Dr. Mirsaeedi, 5. Dr. Yazdani, 6. Dr. Mehrani, 7. Dr. Binaee, 8. Dr.Zakerinejad, 9. Dr.Shirani, 10. Dr.Nazeri, 11. Dr. Sherafati, 12. Dr. Nasiri, 13. Dr, Mahvidizadeh, 14. Dr. Naghavi, 15. Dr. Ahmadnia, 16. Dr. Bahramnejad, 17. Dr. Rezaee, 18. Dr. Norouzi, 19. Dr. Sadeghi, 20. Dr. Rezaee, 21. Dr.Baghbanian, 22. Dr. Kor, 23. Dr. Mehrani, 24. Dr. Agh, 25. Dr. Kashani, 26. Dr. Rajabli, 27. Dr. Khosravi, 28. Dr. Chakhmaghi, 29. Dr. Heidari, 30. Dr. Baradaran, 31. Dr. Naghashpour, 32. Dr. Iri, 33. Dr. Mazandarani, 34. Dr. Attarchi, 35. Dr. Rabiee, 36. Dr. Mirkatouli, 37. Dr. Pourhashemi, 38. Dr. Mallahi, 39. Dr. Falsafi, 40. Dr. Aminravan, 41. Dr. Kalantari, 42. Dr. Qelichli, 43. Dr. Talei, 44. Mr. Sabeti, 45. Dr. Mahdavi


Free Ten-year-old provided services by dental clinic are as follows:

  • Acceptance of and examining patients, training, scaling, and polishing
  • Tooth restoration with 1, 2, and 3 surfaces, total tooth restoration, pin in tooth (amalgam and composite)
  • Extracting front, back teeth, root and wisdom tooth surgery and tooth surgery (soft and hard tissue)
  • Root canal with 1 and 2 canals, pin in root canal
  • Radiographic services
  • Fixed and removable prosthesis
  • Root treatment (endo) by Dr. Mehrdokht Saboori
  • Examination and treatment of patients with mental, sensory and motor retardations by Dr. Sadeghi
  • Gum surgery by periodontal and dental implant specialist, Dr. Abdolsafa Sherafati
  • Referring the special treatments of some patients to volunteer specialists' ofiice

The rendered services of Gorgan charitable dental clinic to humanitarian organizations and other charity institutes in Golestan province:

1. The families under the support of Women Charity Association of Gorgan

2. Patients of Behkoosh Rehabilitation Training Center

3. Patients of Golsar Exceptional Training Center

4. Patients of Delaram Rehabilitation Center of Mentally-ill Patients

 5. Patients of Yavarane Emam Ali Exceptional Children Training Center

6. Patients of Gorgan Blind Association

7. Gorgan MS Association

8. Gorgan disabled students of exceptional school

9. Patients of Golestan Welfare Organization

10. Needy students of Gorgan schools

11. Gorgan clients of Atieh charity

12. Patients of Seir-e-Sabz-e-Rahaee institute

13. Patients of Kousar institute

14. Patients of Reihaneh institute

15. Patients of Hamyaran institute

16. Patients of Hamrahan clinic

17. Patients of Amir AL-mo'menin charity

18. Patients of Javad AL-aemeh charity

19. Patients of Fakhr Afarinane Farda charity

20. Patients of Abshare Atefeha charity

21. Patients of Mehr-o-Mohabbat charity

22. Patients of Avaye Mehr charity

23. Patients of Niloofar charity

24. Patients of Fereshtegane Sabze Behesht charity

25. Patients of Hazrate Khadijeh charity

26. Foreign immigrants' children and families in Golestan province

27. Needy families from different ethnic groups resident in the