Women Charity Association Of Gorgan

Women Charity Association Of Gorgan

A bridge betweeen power and need

Cultural Center

(Talented children shouldn't be deprived of education and effort because of poverty)

Our hardest work is that we can create the sense of movement in needy families.

Only by moving such children, there will be a revolution in these families.

Based on our belief that talented children shouldn't be deprived of education and effort because of poverty, educational support of talented children in need has begun via preparing educational space and financial and moral support from preschool period to the end of  the university in 2005.

More than 106 volunteer teachers present educational services in different grades. The value of their services was equivalent to 1,755,548,800 Rials in 2014 and 1,727,454,000 Rials in 2015. The supporters awarded scholarships to 499 school and university students in 2014-2015 and 586 students in 2015-2016 through bank accounts monthly. So far 42 students have entered universities and some of them have continued their education to M.S. / M.A. and Ph.D. in spite of their family tension and extreme poverty, 78% of the students participated in the entrance exam were accepted at universities in 2016.

  • Attracting voluntary services of legal, counseling, educational, cultural, medical, technical, and financial experts for presenting facilities to the people in support
  • Attracting talented students in need in different grades
  • Analyzing the students' special talents (in different fields like art, article writing etc.)
  • Analyzing the causes of the students' academic failure and school dropout to more support them
  • Providing different specialized counsel in all aspects by the help of 38 counselors and referring the clients to other counseling centers
  • Providing counseling, executive and legal services to resolve the problems of the people in support
  • Supporting the technical audio-visual services of the auditorium for the national and religious ceremonies
  • Holding national and religious ceremonies in many different years
  • Educational activities of the association made Qalamchi educational institute to choose the association as its reliable center in the summer 2013, and to award competent students in need its exam scholarships. Initially we won the third place among the reliable centers across the country. So far, 300 students have been awarded the exam scholarships of Qalamchi and 50 students have been awarded book scholarships.
  • Supporting the website, social networks, and Telegram channel of the association
  • Supporting hardware and software of the computers
  • Supervising and managing the analytic statistics of the data collected from the activities done by the association, analyzing, archiving, and presenting them to the audience
  1. 162 primary school students
  2. 20 students in literary movement organization
  3. 32 university graduates
  4. 42 students accepted at universities
  5. 37 pre-university students
  6. 110 high school students
  7. 189 secondary school student


If you wish to participate in the monthly educational support, many students hope for your generous hands and kind look.


Association account number of Eghtesade Novin bank



Association debit card no. of Eghtesade Novin bank


The association tries to make it possible for the students to participate in life skills and self-esteem workshops, also tries to educate trainers and families in order to prevent the young girls' addiction, to hold instructive classes (reciting Hafez – Rumi's Masnavi –handicrafts – English conversations – writing techniques – physical therapy – computer – sewing – hairdressing etc.).