Women Charity Association Of Gorgan

Women Charity Association Of Gorgan

A bridge betweeen power and need

Assistance center

Assistance center

Women charity association of Gorgan supports more than 500 women householders, children and their families. Our most important activity is to foster vulnerable people's thoughts in the society. One of the most constant purposes of the association is fighting against poverty via education, enabling by entrepreneurship, and making employment opportunities. The assistance center begins its work with reception, need analysis, and research by the help of consultation units, cultural, hygienic, health centers, and financial committees.

Activities of this center are as follows:

Making employment opportunities for women householders as working in sewing and carpet weaving workshops, traditional kitchens, and activities at homes etc.

Helping with the living condition of people in support, needy and vulnerable families.

Referring the patients to more than 80 volunteer doctors' offices.

Referring the patients to the charitable dental clinic.

Paying interest-free loans of entrepreneurship, marriage, health, employment, education, and providing housing deposits.

Donating dowry to young couples.

Attracting public contributions and different types of humanitarian aids such as money and goods.

Workshop (life skills and precondition for receiving dowry)

Distribution of dowry to 22 young couples up to 674,500,000 Rials in 2014 and distribution of dowry to 46 young couples up to 797,420,000 Rials in 2016

Donating bank gift cards to the people in need to buy clothes for Norouz (Persian New Year) and food for the Holy Month of Ramadan (by protecting human dignity)

Distribution of gift cards to buy food

Donated rice and distribution of it among the supported people in need in 2012 and distribution of 20 Tons of rice in 2015

Presenting insurance services to the people in need

Distribution of hospital insurance card